Team Indberry



Roopa Dhiman- Artist and Designer


Roopa Dhiman is an artist and designer, who also manages for developing communications and brand awareness, As she is a MBA & having 15 years of administrative corporate involvement, now she has bend towards her passion for designing. Her work explores on different materials and mediums that she plays with to be able to express herself artistically. And an very good eye for the materials of a garment, as well as the elements that make it unique, such as color and fabric & design.Her creativity and commitment towards IndBerry growth is helping IndBerry take the leap. know more email:



Rimpa Gupta-Social Media Marketing

UntitledRimpa Gupta manages Social Media Marketing for IndBerry and also working on growth initiatives, the best part of her job is working with IndBerry people & artisans. After MBA & worked for 11 years in financial world and with a Certification in Quality (Black Belt) & their Standards (ISO-9001&14001),she joined us to help on Quality parameters and Customer satisfaction ,she has an very deep comprehension in garment textile & designing whole as a India as well as outside India. for more info email:



Dev Tiwari-Technical Support

New ImageDev Tiwari is a natural-born Website developer whose true talents at E-Commerce website development and Also help for technical Support.  His 6+ years of hands-on experience in programming/development in wordpress website, and also have Website developer experience. Equipped with a large toolbox of technologies, his leverages his experience to provide clients with only the best. He has been improving his flexibility through the practice of yoga and Meditation. for more info and tech support email: